Thursday, 29 July 2010

On Your Trike! Latest Celebrity Accessory has Three Wheels

With traffic jams mounting taking the car on the school run is fast becoming a no no but a couple of clever celebrities have realised that pedal power is the way forward and have invested in the three-wheeled Trikidoo.

Blonde broadcaster Mariella Frostrup takes to the streets of London on her trusty tricycle complete with room-for-two passenger seat at the rear, for her precious cargo of children, Molly and Danny.

And she's not the only celebrity to have ditched the car in favour of three wheels.

Actress Helena Bonham Carter, true to her gothic roots, opted for a navy version of the Trikidoo to cart her kids to school.

Pedal power: Mariella Frostrup (left) and Helena Bonham Carter (right) ride their trusty Trikidoo tricycles, which cost £750, on the school run


  1. Who knew!?! lol You are totally in Vogue!

  2. Oh, and what color did you order? I need to find if you've posted that somewhere ... off to look.


  3. Lol. Trikes are becoming more and more popular here. And not with just us oldies. There are many tricycle racing clubs as well.

    I chose a blue one. My Electrike was red so it will be nice to have a different colour this time.

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  5. where can you get these in the UK? Is there a power assist version? I'm disabled and would like one for my elderly dog to ride on the back bench.


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