Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Selling the Electric Trike

Having finally deciding to exchange my electric tricycle for a simple manual gear tricycle, I got around to cleaning and polishing the trike ready to take photos and advertise it for sale today.

It only took a few minutes to use a little fine wire wool on the rust collected on the mudguards, wash and polish up the bike, remove the dog carrier from the back and replace it with it's original basket, and then take some nice photos of it.

Several people had recommended as the place to advertise so this evening I wrote out and published my advertisement on there.

It's important for me to get the trike sold quickly as it's doing me no good sitting there needing a new battery.

I have the choice of buying a new battery, waiting for it to arrive, installing it and then advertising the trike at a good price.  Of course then waiting for the right buyer to come along with the money to buy it. Or I can advertise it at a nominal amount with a dead battery, sell it quick and give myself the room for the new manual tricycle that I have my eye on.

I decided to sell as seen at £100 or near offer.  I am willing to actually get it out of the way at £50, but if I advertise it at less than £100 people might think that I am selling a scrappy old piece of junk, when the truth is far from that.

Now, I just need to wait for someone to come along that is willing to trust that the bike will work perfectly once a new battery has been installed.

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