Saturday, 24 July 2010

Sold the Electrike

Wow!!  I've sold the trike.  How quick was that.  Advertise on Tuesday and sell on Saturday.

A chap from London had to come down this way to drop something off at his Fathers house in Southampton and asked if he could pop across to look at the trike this evening.

Asking me during the phone call how much I would come down to.  I asked how much he was hoping to pay and receiving the answer "£50?" I had said yes.  I am not a greedy person and I know it's dodgy on the buyers side to spend out a lot of money for something he can't even test with a dead battery.  I simply wanted it out of the way to make room for a new trike.

It wasn't quite dark when he arrived so he could see the condition of the bike and there was just enough charge left in the battery for him to test that it certainly would work with a new one.  He was more than happy with his buy and I have left him now driving back to London to present his Father-in-Law with a new mode of transport.

There is no doubt about it, he did get an absolute bargain.

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