Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Trike or Mobility Scooter

A couple of my family members and a couple of friends, knowing that I wanted to exchange my electric tricycle for a manual tricycle planted the seed that I would be better off with a mobility scooter.  I do after all only want a trike for personal transport.

Many reasons have been discussed on the benefits of a mobility scooter over a manual tricycle and I have spent many hours this last few weeks browsing the web on various models of scooters and their prices.  And I have to say that my mind almost became totally convinced that a mobility scooter would be a far better option.  Until that is that I came to my senses and remembered why I wanted a tricycle.

With a tricycle there is no easier way of taking my dog with me wherever I go.  Replacing the rear basket with a dog carrier is so very convenient and such a safe and comfortable way for Bayley to travel.  With a mobility scooter I would once again have the problem of continually topping up the battery and the risk of the battery taking me less and less the maximum distance on a full charge.  To top that, I would really miss the exhilaration that cycling gives.

I am not infirm.  And although I do have a few health problems that come with old age, there is absolutely nothing, health wise, to force me to accept a mobility scooter as my only choice of personal transport at this time.

As my old tricycle has now been sold and I have the space to now buy new, tomorrow I am popping round to my local cycle shop to see if he can order me a new Mission Trilogy.  Mission do have local dealers in Mission Cycles all over the country, but my nearest one is about 6 miles away and I really do not want to have to go that far to pick one up.  6 miles is no distance, but I haven't cycled now since the end of last summer and my legs are extremely weak until I build them up again.  That, along with the fact that cycling home from the Mission dealer will take me through some very heavy traffic and a duel carriage way, which I am not prepared to do if I can in fact order a trike on my own doorstep.

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