Monday, 9 August 2010

My New Trike Has Arrived

Image of my actual trike will come soon.  In the meantime this is the website image.

I have excitedly been waiting the arrival of my new manual tricycle for over a week. Originally meant to have been delivered last Friday, when the carriers "Night Freight" let both myself, and the cycle company I had bought it from, down, and I had to wait an extra 3 days, over the weekend before it could be delivered today, Monday.

I bought the cycle on line from a little known company, well unknown to me anyway, which I wouldn't normally do, but after speaking to them on the telephone and asking many questions I finally placed my order.

The reason I chose this company above all others was mostly because it was the only company on line I could find that actually sent the trike completely built and checked. Normally when buying a tricycle on line it comes boxed up in pieces and has to be totally built by the buyer. The only things I had to install myself were the mudguards, and adjust the seat and handle bars to my own height.

On top of this I was also able to purchase it at £50 cheaper than anywhere else, which was an added bonus.

It arrived with a great deal of bubble wrap around it's sensitive parts but it didn't take me long to remove all of that and then take a look see at how one installs the mudguards. Never having touched the working of a bike before apart from pumping up the tyres I thought it might be a little complicated and was ready to ring my Son-in-Law to come along and do it for me. I had no need to worry though. It was extremely easy and would have been even easier if I didn't have wonky hips that are extremely uncomfortable to get up and down with.

All set, and I then gave it a trial run to test how gears work. Having an Electric Trike before which hadn't had, or needed, gears I wanted to test out my legs on a gentle slope to see how I managed.

I have to say I didn't manage very well. My thighs, where the strength is needed, are as weak as water. Climbing up and down the stairs constantly had given me tough old calves, but no welly in my thighs. I am confident though that after about a fortnight of taking short trips out a couple of times a day my strength will have built up enough to tackle the slopes that I need to negotiate in my area.

On the straight I was able to go far faster than the restriction placed when using an electric trike. Set to go at no more than 8 miles an hour when using the motor it goes no faster when peddling because of the extra weight an electric trike carries.

I noticed directly how much lighter this manual trike is. I can see that it and me are going to become inseparable.

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