Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Safe Travel for Bayley

Ok, now remember this is just so that I actually have a safe place for my little dog Bayley to travel with me.  So it needs tidying up over the next couple of days.

I wanted to keep the storage basket on the bike as well this time.  Last time I removed the basket and replaced it with Bayley's basket using the original fittings.  There was 2 things wrong with that.

1)  Because Bayley was low down from the saddle his basket had to be facing backwards or I wouldn't have been able to open the door.

2)  I lost the storage of the original basket so could only carry my shoulder bag and backpack if I wanted to carry anything else.

Now I have fitted Bayleys basket on top of the shopping basket.

I used a pine shelf -  I need to saw the front of it off and then water proof it by either using wood preserve or a couple of coats of paint.  I will probably use paint as I can use a colour that will blend and wont be noticed as much.

The wood is attached by the eyes you see in the picture below - Each set of eyes has one infront of the basket and one behind - two sets at the back and two at the front.  Each set of eyes will be secured with a small padlock.

The dog basket is bolted to the wood.  This means that when I want to remove the basket, I take off the padlocks and then just lift the basket and wood off in one unit leaving the shopping basket insitu.

A couple more just for the hell of it.

I simply couldn't think of another way to do it, to make it safe for Bayley and easily removable when not needed.

This was simple, cheap and safe.  If I want to I can secure the dog basket over to one side which then leaves me a very large gap to slip things into the basket below.  And of course Bayley is now facing me.


  1. Yeah, I must take a photo of Bayley actually inside it.

  2. Very Smart! I like that the basket door has padlocks too!

  3. It originally just had a wooden toggle to put through the loop on the door, but I didn't feel that was too safe so replaced it with the padlock.

    It's not very tidy looking on the plank of wood but it does serve a very safe purpose which is the main thing.


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