Monday, 16 August 2010

A Week Later

It's been a whole week since my new trike arrived and apart from an initial trial run I haven't had a chance to go out on it even for a short ride.  Apart from being tied up with various other activities I do need to install my Bayley's basket on the back before I can really get out and about, as I am simply not going to leave him behind.  Where I go, he goes.

With my last trike I took off the large rear basket and replaced it with Bayley's pet basket.  Because the basket was much lower than the saddle Bayley had to be facing backwards when traveling in order for me to be able to open the door and tuck him inside.  This time I want to raise him up so that the door of his basket can face my back.  I am going to do that by figuring out a way to safely secure Bayley's basket on top of the rear shopping basket.  Allowing me to easily release Bayley's basket to still store bits in the basket below.

I also need to get the trike adjusted.  On giving it a couple of short test rides, it doesn't feel quite right.  Of course the saddle and handle bars need adjusting to my own height and arm length, but I can also feel the front brake scraping on the wheel.  Not good!

The gears don't feel right either.  Even going right down to 1st gear the bike feels heavy to pedal.  I am sure the gears haven't been adjusted properly.

I need to get all this looked at before I attempt to ride it properly.

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