Friday, 1 October 2010

Sadly Let Down

When my trike first arrived I gave it a couple of test rides, and having found that it needed a few adjustments, I was going to put it in the bike shop for the chap to take a look at.

A couple of my family male members advised me not to do that but one or other of them would come over and check it all out for me as and when they had time.  Several weeks later neither of them have appeared and now of course winter has set in.

We are having terrible gales here at the moment and even if one of them came over now it is very doubtful that I would be getting the trike out for fun runs.  I have therefore decided to put it's cover on and tuck it away and wait for winter to run it's course.

I suspect that this post will be the last one I make on this blog now until spring next year.  If neither my Nephew or Son-in-law have been over by then I will put the trike in the bike shop for the adjustments.

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