Monday, 1 November 2010

Safety Jacket

Whilst visiting my Daughter today my Son-in-law came home from work saying he had a present for me.  The present turned out to be one of the safety jackets he has to wear when visiting and checking out the depots as an auditor in one of the large DIY companies here.

He luckily managed to find a very small one in the stores that would fit me.

I am going to feel a bit of a fool wearing it for the first time, but "Safely First" and all that.

I am sure it wont take me long to get used to wearing it and ignoring the way I may look.


  1. Throw on a big fancy scarf or add some great necklaces and a hat; make it fashionable and you're all set! :)

  2. Rofl. Yup, good idea, I always said that when I got older I didn't want to be one of these old ladies sitting in a corner and never noticed.

    That would certainly get me noticed, lol.


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