Thursday, 24 February 2011

First Ride of the Season

It was such a beautiful day today, and although I expect sunny days are still going to be rare whilst we are in February, I woke up with the urge to break out my cycle from it's winter coat and get it on the road again.  Making today the first day of many to start building up my leg muscles ready for decent rides.

Found a few little speckles of rust on the handle bars and the pedal shafts, but with a little wire wool and some polish was able to remove it all, as it hadn't yet had a chance to start eating into the chrome.

Coming out of the bike shed and on to the road is a tiny bit of a hill so I started off in 2nd gear.  Even then, with lack of riding for months and with fighting this awful cold I have, I found the slope strenuous to climb.  With that short few yards making my legs ache I decided to stay in 2nd gear once on the level and just take it easy.

I instantly turned into a really quiet country road which is about half mile long and promised myself I would just ride to the end and back, giving me a first ride of a mile.

Not even a third of the way along my legs started giving up so I had to stop and rest would you believe.  I can't believe that I have become that weak.  Thank goodness the road was almost on a level all the way.  I had to make one more stop and rest before the end, but only one rest on the way back. 

Due to this awful cold I have my breathing was also very laboured.  Perhaps after feeling so ill for this last few days I shouldn't have attempted to break the bike out this early.

On parking up at home and dismounting my legs were extremely wobbly, but I was really pleased I had gone for the ride as I found a few things that needed changing/fixing on the bike to make it more comfortable for next time.

The gears didn't feel quite right in as much as being in 1st felt like 2nd and so on up the scale, although I highest I tried it today was in 3rd for a short while, but I also think the front brake is catching very slightly on the wheel which could be making the bike feel a bit sluggish.  Either that or I am weaker than I think, lol.

I do also need a slight adjustment on the handle bars and saddle.  The whole riding position doesn't quite feel perfect.  The wrong riding position can cause injuries on a longer ride.

It was great fun though to be out on the road again after all these months.  Now looking forward to getting out and about on it more.  Another short ride tomorrow morning before popping it in the local shop for all these adjustments to be sorted and for a bit of an oil on the parts that need it after being locked away for the winter.

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