Saturday, 26 February 2011

Adult Stabilizers

For those of us that have balancing problems or just too nervous to be precariously balancing in today's heavy traffic I think these are great.

There should be no shame or embarrassment in using them.

With getting older and weaker it's harder, and take us longer, to climb up the slopes and hills, which means sometimes one can get very wobbly on a cycle.  With these stabilizers one can cycle as slow as one wants without the risk of the bike wavering.

I know I would rather feel a bit silly when first using these than looking even more silly by falling off my bike.

I do think they are a bit expensive for what they are.  Having said that, at least one can transfer them as  time goes on and we want to change our bike for something newer.  Unlike using a tricycle as I do, where a tricycle is far more expensive than a cycle if one want's to treat oneself to a new one.


  1. I was not aware of this adult stabilizers, and haven't seen one yet.

    btw, I'm an active into mountain biking.

  2. Hi Eric. I only found out about adult stabilizers myself by accident when I saw a chap riding a bike with them. I obviously and instantly got on the web to find out about them.

    I have never seen them in the bike shops which I think is strange. You would think that the large outlets would at least carry one set for people to view.

    So many older people have to give up cycling for medical reasons when there is equipment out there that they could use and continue with such a great way of transport, exercise and fun.

    I think if I had seen them before I bought my first trike I would have probably used those instead.

    I bet mountain biking is great fun. I am more of a plodder in quiet country trips out. But then I am lucky to live in the area that I do and not in the city as many cyclists.

  3. Where can I buy some of the ones as pictured?



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