Friday, 25 February 2011

In the Bike Shop

On taking delivery of my new trike last august and after only giving it just a couple of simple test rides, I had known then that it didn't quite "feel right" and knew that I would have to have it looked at and checked before attempting to ride it on a regular basis.

I had, had offers from both one of my Nephews and my Son-in-Law that one or other of them would come over and take a look at it and set it up for me.  The weeks went by and the bike stayed in the bike shed here on the complex with me unable to ride it until it had been adjusted, and neither of the chaps found time to come over.  So the upshot was, that winter set in and still the trike hadn't been adjusted enough to be a comfortable ride.

I gave up.  I covered the bike up against the awful gales, rain, snow that we have had this winter and put it out of my mind, determined to get it sorted in the spring.

My first ride of the season yesterday I found very labouring.  Yes I need to build up my cycling muscles again, and yes I am in the middle of a heavy cold, which unfortunately has gone to my chest.  But even then the very short ride was shattering for me.

So I made a list of what I thought were faults and of other bits I wanted checking on the trike and then rode around to the local cycle shop.

My list included....

Front brake catching on the wheel.
Gears didn't feel right - 1st felt like 2nd - 2nd felt like 3rd - and so on.
Handle bars need pulling forward - Too far away for my short arms.
Saddle needed adjusting.
Moving parts need oiling.

On collecting the trike at midday I was amazed to only be charged £5 for all of the above to be checked and sorted.   I rode it from the shop and along the same route that I had taken for my yesterdays ride.  The difference was amazing.  There was none of the stopping for rests.  I was comfortably able to make the slopes in 2nd gear with no exertion, and I could quite comfortably have done the journey twice with no problems.

Family and friends can jump forward with offers of help, but sometimes it's best not to accept the offers but instead take it in ones own hands and pay an expert to do something for us.  This I wish I had now done last August when the bike first arrived.

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