Thursday, 10 March 2011

10 Reasons for the Retired to Cycle

1)  Saves Money - With oil prices constantly rising, cycling can save significantly on petrol costs. The majority of car journeys are for distances less than 5 miles and could easily be cycled.

2)  Health Benefits - Cycling not only strengthens our legs but can also dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease,  diabetes and high blood pressure.

3)  Relives Depression - Cycling can be a powerful way to help reduce stress and depression taking our mind off many problems. Exercise releases chemicals such as serontin. Serontin is known to promote a feeling of well being (a natural happy drug).

4)  Freedom - The sense of freedom one gets when on a cycle is amazing.  One can ride a bike in places where one would normally have to park the car and walk.  Riding through parks, along canal paths, narrow country lanes.  Smelling the countryside instead of car fumes.

5)  Quicker Travelling - In towns where the traffic is congested it's often quicker on a cycle than in a car.  Tortoise and the Hare comes to mind with this one.

6)  Keeps Us a Healthy Weight - One will automatically lose excess weight quicker if one cycles regularly along with keeping a healthy weight stable.

7)  Being Green - There simply can't be any other mode of transport that is 100% green when on the road.

8)  Less accidents - It's a fact whether we admit it or not as we get older our reflexes get slower.  On a cycle we have much more time to think about any manuver and therefore less stress - we enjoy our trip more.  Very rarely has a cyclist caused a fatal accident.

9)  Anyone Can Cycle - Unless one has a crippling disease that stops one using their limbs then one can cycle.  If one doesn't feel safe on a 2 wheeled bike then there are Tricycles or adult Stabilizers.

10) Great Fun - For recreation only or for a main form of transport cycling is simply great fun.


  1. You've said it well!!... can I add one more reason that comes to mind? The social side of it - you can cycle with friends and family, and meet new people when you are on a bike!!

  2. That is so true. Thank you for adding to the list Anne.

  3. Hi Sandy! Trying to get a bike myself so I can work on weight and also to get some exercise. Been doing my home work to see just which type of bike will fit my needs best. But those are the main reason I want to start riding again, but I just down right enjoy riding.

  4. Wow Chilly, that's great. Brilliant time of the year to take it up as well.

    I had to start off really gently again this year, as all my muscles had really become as weak as water. Don't be surprised if you only get a mile down the road before being shattered on the first time you go out.

  5. ROFL! Ha! you give it a mile?? lol I give it maybe 10 feet. ;-) I'm guessing the last time I rode a bike, I was in school.
    Being honest, I don't know know why I ever stopped riding. I love bikes!
    But I'm finding so many to pick from. lol Hate making decisions!!

  6. There certainly is a tremendous choice.

    I am still doing the short trips building up my strength. Having that cold virus really knocked me for six so it's taken me a bit longer than it would have done. Plus I have to be so careful of my bad hip. I dare not over do too much work on that or it will lay me up for a couple of weeks.

    But tomorrow I have planned for myself and Bayley to go a little further. I'm aiming for somewhere nice where we can stop off and Bayley can have a run and me a cup of tea before we make the journey back.

    I am almost at the point again now where I should be able to cover all the ground I need to on my trike without having to call on the family to take me places in a car.

    The furthest I need to go to get to places such as my Doctors or the town is about 7 miles, which doesn't sound far but it certainly is when one is as weak as water from lack of using ones muscles. I am so angry with myself for packing the trike away for this last couple of years and not bothering to use it.

    I am so looking forward to hearing how you get on because not only is it nice to share a hobbie but also you have been so ill that it will be really great to hear how you build up your health.

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