Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Close Call

On going out for the evening with my Daughter,  Son-in-Law (47) and Granddaughters last evening, I was appalled at my Son-in-Laws disregard for safe driving along a 70mph country road.

In quick succession we passed two cyclists - Both were very well lit up and wore sensible clothing to be seen easily.  In other words both were riding within the law and using all safety measures advised to cyclists.

On passing the first cyclist my S/i/L drove passed him as if the cyclist simply did not exist.  He did not slow down and made no attempt to allow for any over taking room at all.  How that poor man wasn't shot into the ditch or dragged along with us is an absolute miracle.

Both my Daughter and myself gasped and in unison made our feelings known to my S/i/L.

Before we knew it we were close beside another cyclist.  This time, whilst my Son-in-Law was still getting a lecture from my Daughter on how to pass cyclists safely, the cyclist was given a little more room than the last as we over took him.  The amount of room given was still a dangerously small amount and barely what one would call safe.

Now my Son-in-Law is not an aggressive man, in fact he is a very gentle, mild mannered man and not what I would call a particularly aggressive driver.  Yet here he is coming extremely close to killing someone without any thought at all.  On top of that, he couldn't see any reason why he as a motorist should give any concession to a cyclist.

Needless to say I am very upset to find that my Son-in-Law's attitude to cyclists is every cyclist's nightmare of motorists.


  1. WOW!! All I know to say!

    Over here in the USA, cyclist has all the rights to the road as any motorist does and motorist will get ticketed if motorist doesn't give the cyclist their share of the road too.

    Also many roads/streets in some of the larger cities also builds bike lanes just for cyclist to ride in.

  2. Wow that is awful. I hope he does better next time after the two of you gave him what for!

  3. Same here Chilly. If a copper had seen him, you can be assured he would have been pulled over.

    You can be certain I haven't let this drop Rose. I will be bringing up the subject of motorists and cyclists again the next time I see him.

    The thing is, if I had a close call whilst on my Cycle, he would be the first to complain and call the motorist stupid.

    All the family are very considerate of cyclists when out in their cars, but then they have all cycled as adults. I think it's going to be a case of forcing my Son-in-Law out on a bike and let him experience first hand how very nerve wracking it can be around fast moving traffic, and also to see how the majority of motorists do give us plenty of room.

  4. That's a scary. People just don't think sometimes. If the auto is large enough and going fast enough they can actually send a cyclist airborne. I know from experience. I hope your SIL got the message...although the best way for him to fully understand it is to cycle on that road himself some day so he understands...


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