Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Discovered a New Cycle Route

On taking Bayley for his walk today I decided to go a different way.  It wasn't too much of a different way.  I simply followed a different path along our sea front, thinking that it would just take us onto higher ground.

This it did, but at the same time, a short way along the route, I discovered that it also makes for a lovely cycle ride.

The reason I have never spotted it before is that the part of it that is convenient for a cycle to join the path is on the other side of a car park.  As I don't drive I have never had cause to cut across the car park but instead usually ride along side it on a quiet road that cuts off a long ride along the busy high street.

I have always planned my cycle rides by not only looking on the local map for the quietest areas, but I often walk a ride first to check how hilly, or the best place to cross busy roads.

I always think good planning ahead makes for a lot less stressful and more fun ride.

The particular ride I found today is not actually marked on any map so I am very pleased to now know about it.  Not only can it be used purely as a fun ride, but it's also another long stretch I can use to not have to cycle on an actual road when I go from A to B.


  1. That's awesome! Can't wait until I can get out and ride.

    Noticed you mentioned hills. You didn't buy your trike with gears?? Often wondered what you have in a trike/bike and what you have available over there without ordering from all over the world.

  2. Yes, my trike has 6 gears, which is ample for this area.

    The choice of tricycles here is very limited. Retail shops rarely actually stock them, but of course will order one in for one. I don't know about city shops as I haven't lived in/near London for nigh on 30 years now.

    I actually didn't even know tricycles for adults existed until about 6 years ago. I did know about those specially designed for the disabled but didn't have a clue that ordinary, general style that I have myself was on the market.

    This last few years England has caught up a bit with other countries by bringing in more styles, such as those that can be used as a sort of taxi, carrying a couple of people or those that can be used to take a couple of kids to school and so on.

    They are also now pushing ones that can be used for delivering goods and such.

    Even now, they are still such a rarity in most areas that one does get a lot of stopping and staring as one passes by.

    I have often come back to my parked up bike to find a small family group gathered around it having a good look, and discussing it.


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