Sunday, 27 March 2011

I'm Now Cycling Fit

My plan this last few weeks has been to build up strength in my legs and my fitness level after being inactive, cycling wise, for nearly two years, during which time I also broke a couple of ribs.

Because the weather has been absolutely awful up until this last few days, and because I had a set back through catching a virus which really knocked me for six, I haven't been able to have more than the odd ride here and there over the last few weeks to do much about getting myself fit for decent long rides.

It's been a beautiful spring day today so early this morning I attached my Bayley's basket on the back so that he could come with me this time, and we set out to go a little further than I have been doing up until now.

I intended to keep riding until my legs started aching, then stop for a rest somewhere that Bayley could have a run around (we have a great many open areas, parks, beaches, etc, here) before making my way back.  I was actually thrilled to find that my legs simply wouldn't start feeling the strain of cycling.  I felt I could have cycled for hours.

I did however link up with a beach pathway where Bayley could get out of his basket and run along safely beside me as long as I rode reasonable slowly for him to keep up with me, and again when I cut through a park.

I started to feel hungry for my lunch so had to turn around and head for home.  Even after the journey back, and after parking up in the bike shed, I felt I had hardly done any cycling at all.  I neither ached, nor was I even out of breath.

I now know that I will once again be able to cycle the distance to the 2 towns either side of me, and to comfortably be able to also make the journeys to visit family that live what is normally a car journey away.

In other words, my cycle has once again become my normal mode of personal transport.

I am absolutely thrilled that it has taken far less time to build up my fitness and strength than I thought it would.


  1. Wonderful Sandy! So glad you are able to enjoy your bike again!

  2. Sandy, That's awesome! Your killing me. lol I want to ride too. :-)
    I'm so glad to hear you are getting back to riding and enjoy it.

    Now if you could just figure out a way to change the wheels over to adding floats and petal your way on over here to the states. ;-) lol

  3. There are people that do go around the world on their cycles. Wish I was that brave.

  4. That is fantastic!! And I hope you take your video camera for a ride, too! lol

  5. Still trying to figure out a way to attach the camera to the bike so that I can ride safely with it.

  6. You wear a helmet when you ride?? You could get a helmet cam. ;-)

  7. No I don't wear a helmet. But funnily enough I did say to my Son-in-Law only last week that I would love a helmet cam. Not sure if I want to spend the money on one though. Although at this point I haven't a clue what they cost.

  8. Over here one has to wear a helmet and that is one thing I hate wearing lol.

    Great stuff that you felt so good after that long bike ride Sandy :).

  9. Sandy, You could let Bayley wear a helmet cam. lol

    Martha, do people where you are have to wear a helmet on a three wheeler like Sandy has???

  10. crap, can't figure out how to post pics here in comments section.

  11. Awwww that dog helmet looks so cute, lol.

  12. Hmmm not sure they have to legally Chilly. The ones I've seen here all wear helmets.

  13. If they do ever make it law here to wear a helmet, I am possitive that the 3 wheelers will also come under that law.


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