Sunday, 24 April 2011

Getting Ambitious

Although I have had a bike for about 3 years now, the first year I only used it to cycle daily to my daughters in order to meet my youngest granddaughter from school, look after her and then cycle home again once my Daughter came home from work.

Last year and the year before the bike literally stayed locked up in my Daughter's garage or in the complex bike shed, apart from a couple of short trips and for my G/Daughters to have a play on it.

So I am only counting since the beginning of February this year as myself being once again a cyclist.

I only moved down to Dorset just over 3 years ago which was when I bought my first trike and decided I wanted to cycle.  During that time I have only travelled out as a passenger in a car and as a passenger have never bothered to take note of our route, preferring to just chat as we travel.  Therefore not only can cycling in Dorset be counted from February, but also finding my way around my own area can only be counted from February. 

For the last couple of months I have been taking note of routes the car has travelled and have also been watching out for cycle paths and lanes as we go.  Taking note of the busy roads and where would be safest to cross on a cycle, where any drop kerbs are, and in general trying to see the route as a cyclist.

Yesterday my Daughter and Son-in-law picked me up and drove us out to Lymington, which is a pretty little town on the river and about 8 miles away from me.  This is the first time I have been out that way, and I must say it would be a terrific cycle ride out with maybe a picnic on ones back, if only to end up sitting on the riverside and watching the hundreds of boats that dock there.

Not sure if it would be being a bit ambitious of me to do an 8 mile ride when so far my furthest has been 4.5 miles, and baring in mind I am not sure of the way yet.  But now that the weather has broken I am certainly going to shortly give it a try.


  1. I think one of the best things about cycling is the exploring that you can do. It makes you feel like a youngster, and its exciting when you ride somewhere new. Using the link you provided I read up on Lymington. It looks like a great place to visit and ride around.

  2. Hey Sandy!
    Lymington looks like a great place to visit. If it's eight miles to get there, well then, you've already done over half way if you've been on 4.5 mile rides. Maybe you could make a day of it. Or even make reservations to stay some place there and make it an over night trip. That could be fun.

  3. I plod along at an average of about 8 miles and hour so taking the odd hill into consideration I reckon about an hour and a quarter to get there.

    I can't go too fast because of Bayley in the back bouncing around too much and I would stop off halfway to give him a little run.


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