Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A Midweek Ride

I had an absolutely brilliant day today.  Sun was shining  for a change when I woke up, so I thought I would try for a longer ride than I have done so far since starting to build up my cycling strength.

One of my Sisters lives 4.6 miles away from me so I popped Bayley in his basket and off we set.

Normally for the first 2 miles along that route one has to cycle on a busy main road with traffic constantly whizzing past.  I was absolutely thrilled to see that since my riding that stretch, 2 years ago, the local council had turned the whole 2 miles along one side of the road into a 2 way cycling and shared pedestrian pathway.

I couldn't believe it.  What an absolute joy to be able to ride safely off of the road.

At the end of the cycle route, heading out, one then joins an over head pedestrian walkway that allows pedestrians and walking cyclists to cross a very busy, fast road.

Once over that bridge it's plain sailing for another mile or so along a beautiful country lane.

From there one joins a larger quiet B road which passes through farms on each side, until I finally arrive at the village my Sister lives in.

I spent several pleasant hours with my Sister and Nephew.

The journey back really shattered me though.  Virtually the whole of the route homeward was on an upward slope.  Other cyclists would probably not have even noticed it was a slope, but me, being out of cycling condition and fitness, it felt like I was climbing a mountain, lol, and it also put 10 minutes longer onto the journey home as apposed to the outward journey.

But the main thing is, that I had a fantastic day and have come home feeling happy and invigorated.


  1. Well, if Bayley isn't just about the cutest little guy, ever!!!

    You get mega points for venturing out today! And thank you for sharing the photos!

  2. Its great to ride at any time, but when you have a specific errand or destination in mind its fun to know that your trusty steed will get you there. Hat's off to the council for making those improvements that will encourage others to set out on their bikes as well. I belong to the "Walk Yer Bike Up Thy Hill Society" and welcome you to join it to. You just have to say "OK!" and post the clubs title it as a gadget on your side bar in your blog!!

  3. That's great Sandy you had a good day to get out and ride to visit your sister.
    And to cool that they decided to change the roadside for people walking and cycling. Hoping that ride back home will get lots easier for you.
    Cheers to a great day for you and Bayley getting out!!
    And thanks for sharing the pics with us!

    (I never knew deleting a comment shows. lol Thought I could delete, edit and repost and no one ever know. lol )

  4. That extra couple of miles of cycle path makes a heck of a lot of difference to the ride from my home to my sisters. There is now probably less than a quarter of a mile in the whole journey that one has to ride with fast moving traffic. It's amazing how much more enjoyable the ride was today due to that.

    Bayley loves the bike Lin. I have it to one side on my left so that he can see where we are going and not sit staring at my backside.

    Thank you PaddyAnne, I will add that title to my sidebar once this has been posted.

  5. Nawwww look at Bayley :) so cute and it looks like it was a beautiful day outside indeed. So glad you enjoyed your bike ride Sandy and it's all up from there and before you know it you'll be peddling along even further.

    Love the pics you took along the way :)

  6. Hi Zandranna, Now we have 2 members in the club, that being you and me ~ Welcome Aboard!

  7. Wow, am I saddle sore after that ride yesterday. It hurts to sit down, lol. And I am really not kidding.


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