Saturday, 2 April 2011

My Granddaughter is Now on 2 Wheels

Claude Butler Windsor

Last Thursday week my eldest Granddaughter, Aimee came to visit me for the day.  Our conversation got around to her learning to drive.

For her 18th birthday last June I put aside enough money for all of her driving lessons, up to and including the driving test.  She didn't want the money in her own bank and instead asked me to keep it and transfer the money each individual time that she booked a lesson.

To cut a long story short, she has managed from June last year to now, to get through 4 driving instructors and only 10 lessons. The reason for this is that she loathes driving.  Her excuses each time has been, she hates the instructor, but the truth is she doesn't want to drive.  She knows that the moment she passes  her test there is a car sitting on their drive that her Mother, my Daughter has told her she can have.  And from then on she will be forced to drive herself to and fro work etc,.

Whilst I was trying to explain to her, that her choices are, to either get stuck in and get her test or start going to work by train or bus and stop causing a fuss about expecting her Mum and Dad to ferry her everywhere,  she said she would love a cycle and take her driving lessons at a later date.

As the bike shop is just a very short walk from me we went up just to have a look see at them.

As it happened he had a beautiful town and country ladies bike in stock and Aimee had a little test ride on it.  She came back glowing.

Now I knew that there would be big problems if I told my Daughter that Aimee wanted a cycle and put off learning to drive.  But the girl was so excited by now over cycling that I wanted to treat her to this bike.

I made Aimee promise that if I bought her the bike with some of her driving money I had put away, that she would take at least one driving lesson a week and stop buggering around.  Get a driving instructor and stick to it.

We then phoned her Mum, who instantly hit the roof.  But after a little bit of a conversation and explaining that Aimee had promised to continue with her driving, Sarah agreed that as long as I was aware that Aimee wouldn't use the bike and it would be a waste of money, then let her (Aimee) do what she likes.

Funnily enough my Daughter came around to the idea to such an extent that she told Aimee to take an old mountain bike that had been sitting in their garage for 4 years and part exchange it.

The following day, Friday, Aimee walked the old bike down to me (in too bad a condition to ride) and we popped along to buy the bike. I must say that the chap was very generous in his part exchange deal.  I ended up only having to pay for the bike itself which was £229, and all the bits, such as basket, pump, lights, security chain etc, all fell into the part exchange deal.  In all I saved about £70.

Amiee is over the moon with her new bike.

Since then she has ridden down to visit me 3 times in the last week, even though 2 of those days it has been pouring with rain.  One of those days was because she needed to take the bike back to the shops for a couple of adjustments in riding position and the other 2 days her and I went out for a ride together.

I don't, at this point, think she will use it to get to and fro works as that is a good 10 miles away, and she has yet to build up her confidence of riding on busy roads.  But if desperate she can use the cycle to get to and fro the railway stations each end to save her Mother having to ferry her everywhere.

I do have an idea though, that she is going to prove her Mother wrong when she said that "Aimee wouldn't use the bike" as her backside has barely been off the saddle so far.


  1. Wow good on her and good on you for getting her the bike Sandy!

    I must say though that being able to drive is a must for me so I encouraged my 3 to get their license and they did :).

  2. I have to agree, that in this day and age a car is not a luxury but a necessity.

    People have to travel out further for work than in day past and public transport is so very expensive and stressful when having to use on a daily basis.

    Hopefully Aimee will keep her promise of having a lesson a week and keep it up until she passes her test.

    Getting her one a bike though and her loving it, has set her up for not becoming lazy and jumping in the car for short journeys as most motorists do.

    With luck she will be able to enjoy both worlds. After all petrol is only going to get more and more expensive and so much is wasted on short trips that could be done by cycling or walking.

    With many teens today all they can think of is getting a car and from then on it's downhill to fat arses, unfittness and laziness all the way.

  3. Gosh, excuse my typing mistakes in that last reply, lol.

  4. That looks like a great bike to Sandy :)

    And I agree when it comes to the younger ones getting lazy these days.
    I think over here more people would ride a bike if it where safer to do so.

  5. Damn Sandy, want to adopt me and buy me a bike????? LOL

    Great looking bike indeed and I hope she enjoys it. Hope she goes on to get her drivers licenses too. And just because she has a licenses to drive, don't mean she has to drive.

    I love what you have done on this blog skin!! Looks awesome! You make it or find it somewhere??

  6. The skin is one in their new template designer. I have applied it as is.

    Because I embedded one of their new style designs on a Yuku landing page, and as yet we can't customise those, I chose the nearest looking skin they had for the actual blog.

    It's one of the "awsome" ones.

  7. You sure picked a nice one. I like it a lot!


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