Monday, 4 April 2011

Withdrawal Symptoms

Today I am wishing I had somewhere I "needed" to go.  Either that or wishing it was a nice day instead of this dull, miserable, chilly one.

If I "needed" to be somewhere I would be travelling there on my bike.  If it was a lovely day I could then put the dog in the basket and we could cycle off somewhere nice where he could have a run and I could have a sit in the sunshine and have some lunch alfresco.

The dog has to have a walk and on a rotten day it's no fun going off on the bike just to give him a run at the end of it, when we can just step outside the front door and walk along the seafront for as long as he needs to be out.

If I have nowhere I need to be, as in going from A to B there is no reason to get the bike out and travel around if the day isn't a nice one.

At the same time my flat needs a jolly good clean which I can't really ignore just to go out cycling.  So today I will do a jolly good cleaning so that tomorrow I am free to get on my bike.

Warning to all thinking of taking up cycling.  "Cycling is very addictive".


  1. It wouldn't bother me to get out and ride in the sun, rain, etc...
    I used to love to ride my bike in the rain when I was a kid growing up.
    But mainly, I would ride anyway no matter what the weather is because I need to do it.

  2. My problem yesterday was that I simply had to do my housework (the place looked as if a bomb had been thrown in) and going out for a joy ride instead would have been indulgence, lol.

  3. Hey... Why do today what you can do tomorrow! ;-) lol

  4. True but then that is what I continually do until a day finally comes when I simply can't put it off, lol.


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