Wednesday, 4 May 2011

How Refreshing

I cycled the 4.6 miles over to see my Niece again today.  Only the 2nd time I have been out that way on the bike this year.  Last time I came home with a sore bum that lasted 2 days.  Today there is no sore bum, so it looks like I am toughening up for rides of more than a couple of miles.

On the way back, as I was puffing and panting up the hill in 1st gear, I pulled over to let another cyclist pass me coming the other way.  It was a particularly narrow part of the cycle path and as I take up more area with my trike, it's only fair that I do the pulling in.

It was a young chap, about early 20s I would say, and as he passed me he stopped, apologised for holding me up, but would I mind telling him where I got my trike from.  Adult trikes are still a rare sight in England.  In fact I have only ever seen one other since living down in Dorset.

He tells me that his Sister-in-law has a trike which she got 2nd hand when she was unable, due to illness, to use a 2 wheeler any longer, her trike, he tells me, is very old, and is falling apart at the back.  She has fitted a childs seat, where I have my basket and is worried that soon she wouldn't be able to use it much longer.  He would like to treat her to a new one.

I found this conversation so refreshing on several counts.  How many youngsters would stop a much older woman for a chat and to ask for advice?  What a lovely young man to instantly think of his Sister-in-law when seeing my trike.  Not only that but to also want to treat her to a new bike.  And finally, I have no idea what part of the country his Sister-in-law lives, but it does seem the world of trikes is getting out there.  Once upon a time adults would have curled up in embarrassment in riding a trike, or even realised that adult trikes existed.

Maybe soon, hopefully, more cycle manufacturers will realise there is a call for trikes. and our choice of only 2 models, and a single colour in each model, will get larger.


  1. In Vancouver and Victoria (BC) I am seeing more of the trikes ll the time, and seeing stores stocking them. I think they will only grow in popularity as they are seen more and more. Because of the hills here, some come with a battery assist. Trikes Away! :)

  2. Both Canada and America have got a far bigger selection than us.

    I would love to see more on the roads. As we are so big motorists tend to treat us with more care and safety. Would also get more of us oldies cycling for transport.


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