Thursday, 24 May 2012

There's Something About a Londoner

When ever I am out and about and I'm stopped by another cyclist or pedestrian for nothing more than a friendly chat, you can bet your life it's a Londoner.  There's something about a Londoner that needs to stop and exchange conversation.  Originally from South London (Croydon) myself I also tend to do this.

Today whilst out on my trike I was stopped by a couple from Hounslow as they were walking along the seafront, and down here just for the day, simply to yack about the fun they had as kids cycling.  We spent the next 10 minutes covering many other subjects of interest, and on leaving each other, the gents parting shot was "Don't lose your Croydon accent".

There's no doubt about it, Londoners are a special breed of people, who, when taken out of their own patch seem to fit in anywhere.  Even being asked for directions from a Londoner can turn in to almost a full exchange of life history.   I don't think that Londoners ever feel like they are strangers wherever they are.

On leaving that couple today I realised that although I have left Croydon behind me many years ago and have never looked back, I am still that Londoner inside.  My Daughter and Granddaughters all born and bred in Hastings, have often steered me away from yacking to strangers, joking how I will just stop and talk to anybody.  Today it has hit me now why I do it.  I am still a Londoner.

I managed to get in just over 3 miles cycling today to add to my 1000 miles by having a steady ride along the seafront.  I'm hoping to find time this weekend to add a lot more than that to it though.

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