Monday, 25 June 2012

3 Go to Highcliffe Castle

Not a Very Flattering Photo
Today is my eldest Granddaughter's (Aimee) 20th birthday and because of this both her and her boyfriend had booked the day off from their respective jobs.  Last night she had rung me to ask if her and BF could cycle down to me this morning and we all go for a ride along the seafront to visit Highcliffe Castle.

Of course I jumped at the chance.   This would be the very first time I have had company for a ride out.  Aimee has barely used her bike since I bought it for her for her last years birthday, due to the fact that not long after she passed her driving test and bought a car which she badly needed to get to work with.

I explained that normally I would take the trike for a ride like that but I would really like to ride my new bike.   The BF thought it would be a much better idea for me to ride the bike as it would give me more practice and we can take it easy anyway.  No rush, it would be fun.

Having read that when learning to ride it's best to have the saddle lower than one normally would in order to make one feel more secure being able to put the whole of the flat of ones foot on the ground when stopping, this is how I have been learning.  I will raise the saddle when I feel a bit more confident.

Granddaughter Aimee and her boyfriend Gareth
No roads or pavements today, just a nice steady ride along the seafront, stopping off for a picnic lunch and then wandering around the grounds and woods of the castle.

I was really surprised at how comfortable I felt and how easy I found it to ride today.  No wobbling that I noticed and I was well able to keep up with my Aimee and her BF.  In fact Aimee was surprised at how well I rode.  She said she was expecting me to be wobbling all over the place.

I am certainly feeling more confident.

We ended up actually cycling only 3 miles even though we were out for 3 hours.  It was great to have company for such an enjoyable trip out.


  1. great to see your progress. we are the same generation and I used to ride a trike when my sons were small- over 30 years ago. 2 wheels are better on cycle tracks. it's easier to negotiate the restricters so you should be able to find more quiet places to cycle.
    my DH and I are off cycle amping at the end of the week so hope the weather improves.
    Brenda in the oro

  2. I have often found a problem getting through spaces with the trike that allows bikes to be ridden but blocks cars. The trike is often a very tight squeeze. This is another reason that I felt I did need to learn to ride and own a 2 wheeler.

    Of course our stupid councils don't think about how these tight places also restrict mobility buggies.

    I do so hope the weather is nice for you both this weekend. I should imagine it's great fun to go camping on a bike.


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