Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Back to the Bike Shop and My First Attempt at Riding on 2 Wheels

I received an email back from bicycles4u yesterday afternoon stating that to cure the problem with the 1st gear simply needed the derailer adjusting and they enclosed a video link for me to see how it was done.

Very surprised that my bike shop didn't know how to do this I "cycled" the bike back to the shop this morning and told them what bicycles4u had said.  Well, of course they had known that, and of course they had tried adjusting the derailer to no avail.  But with me in their workshop part of the shop and watching and yacking to the chap he showed me as he tried once again to adjust the derailer, testing it as we went and the first gear continued to slip the chain off.

I will of course be emailing bicycles4u back again to see what they have to say.

Now for my experience of riding a two wheeler for the first time.

Having actually ridden the bike I have to say that I am not that disappointed anymore not to be able to use the 1st gear.

My!  I was wobbly when first setting off.  Whereas with my trike it's quite heavy in comparison when turning the front wheel, with this bike I was over compensating and even keeping it straight I found I was jiggling all over the place.

Being that there were no pedestrians around I stayed on the pavement.  Illegal, yes, I know, but I simply couldn't risk riding on the road.

The ride to the cycle shop, albeit a short one, is up a gentle hill and with my trike I do have to take that in 1st and I do feel it on my legs, making it in 2nd on the folding bike was so easy it was like riding on the flat.  In fact I am sure I could have just as easily have done it in 3rd.  It seems that the gears on this bike are set very low and of course there is hardly any weight to the bike anyway.  A big difference to my 70 lb trike.

One danger I did find is that unlike my trike wearing trousers on the folder without either rolling them up a bit or wearing clips is a no, no.  Every so often I could feel a tug where they were getting caught on a cable one side and goodness knows what on the other side.

On the way back rather than come directly home I turned off into a quiet area away from traffic and no pedestrians to test going a bit faster and in a higher gear.   I was very nervous which probably affected my riding but at least I stayed upright and didn't fall off.  I am certainly not ready to go amongst traffic yet.

I only went about half a mile before turning back for home as I hadn't even had my first cup of tea and ciggie of the day before taking the bike to the shop.  That and the fact that feeling my trouser leg being continually pulled made me feel very unsafe.  On top of that it was raining, so no fun learning to ride a bike in the rain.

The upshot is at this point, is that I can stay upright, if very wobbly, change gear and stop, all without falling off.  I was too nervous and concentrating on learning to ride that I can't comment on the bike itself yet.

But with a little bit of practice I am sure I'm going to love this bike.


  1. Great to hear that the riding is going well so far....
    I must say that I wouldn't be happy if I didn't have access to all gears, no matter how low a gear it was. There must be some way that this can be sorted.


  2. Well, I'm not giving up yet. I don't believe one should buy a bike (however cheap) and not have access to all gears. Just doesn't sound right to me.

    I am however going to continue to learn to ride the bike while I wait for the outcome of bicycles4u's next comments.

  3. Update: bicycles4u are swapping the bike for a new one next week. Now waiting on the day that will be convenient for both of us.


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