Friday, 8 June 2012

My Folding Bike Has Arrived

The folding bike I ordered on the 1st arrived late yesterday the 7th.  Considering that it was a really long weekend with both Monday and Tuesday being bank holidays because of the Queen's Jubilee, I was really surprised to see it turn up so quickly.

16" wheels - 6 speeds - weight 13kg - price £119.

I had hunted the web out for the cheapest folding bike I could find.  I didn't want to spend too much in case I find that I really can't get on with a 2 wheeler and go rushing back to my trusty trike.

A second hand cheap one would have cost £50 so I thought why not double that and just get a cheap new one.  Even if I find I can't get on with it, a member of the family or a friend that doesn't have a bike might fancy coming out with me for a ride one day, and if so then I will have the fold up for them to use as and when.

I found the bike on - but then looked on Amazon to see if they also dealt with that company and to read any reviews from Amazon customers.  They did and the reviews were all good for this bike I have chosen.  I therefore ordered the bike from bicycles4u through the Amazon website.

Being as it's only a 16" wheel it folds down into a really nice neat package which I can easily find room for in my tiny flat.  No problems.

It was easy to take out of the box and put up but there were bits that needed adding such as the dynamo wires, the pedals and so on, and some bits, such as the kick stand, are a bit stiff and need looking at.  I simply added the pedals and then today I walked it up to the local bike shop to check all nuts and bolts and for them to finish adding all the little bits that came in a plastic bag.   That service will cost me just £20 and I can pick it back up tomorrow.

I had to carry the bike folded up to the lift and then put it up once downstairs.  I did not find it too heavy or difficult to carry even though  I am as weak as water, lol.

Once I have learnt to ride it and find I get on with it I will order other bits for it, such as a panier bag.   I already have a front basket that I can attach to the front with an easy lift off and carry away catch that at the moment is on my trike but I never have to use because of the large basket already on the back.

It may be a few days before I can get out and start learning to ride it because our weather here at the moment is horrendous with gales and very heavy rain.  Not the best weather to be out learning to ride in.


  1. The more I look at your folder and also checking out the website, the more I think it maybe a Downtube Nova...or of a similar quality. Gosh, you must be excited. Now stop raining!

  2. I am excited but also nervous. I'm going to look a charlie learning to ride it but it's more that I'm nervous I wont get on with it. It's going to be so convenient having a 2 wheeler as well as my trike.

  3. WOW Sandy! That's awesome looking bike. I had looked at folding bikes once but backed out not knowing if one would hold my weight, but that's about to not be a problem anymore :-) and maybe before long I'll look into one again.
    Hope you can get on with it just fine. I think you'll like it! :-)

  4. I'm not sure but I think with weight it's not so much to do with the whether the frame can hold the weight but more to do with the saddle posts not holding the extra weight. Meaning the weight pushes the saddle post down as one rides.

    Choosing 16" or 20" wheels has to do with the height of the person not the weight.

    Bromptons, which as far as I can make out are the very best folding bikes on the market (British made, and said very proudly, lol) make only 16" because their design allows for all heights.

    I"m watching your weight loss very closely and really routing for you.

  5. With the right tyres, properly inflated, your folding bike should be as fast as a normal bike.

    I recommend 85-100 psi tyres such as Primo Comets or Greenspeed Scorchers, preferably with kevlar belts for puncture-resistance. Schwalbe Marathons are a little slower, but are more puncture-resistant.

    Any tyre inflated to less than 65 psi will create unnecessary rolling resistance, that will slow you down and sap your energy.

    1. Thanks for that Leon. I haven't totally given up on this bike. Gonna have another play with it when the nicer weather comes.


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