Sunday, 10 June 2012

Not Best Pleased

I collected my new folding bike (bought via the web) from my local bike shop yesterday after they had tested all the nuts and bolts, added my speedometer etc, etc.  But after sorting it out and both chaps in the shop having a road test on it, it was discovered that when in 1st gear the chain slips off of the front large cog (is it called a cog?) - So what they seemingly had to do was lock me out of 1st gear, so that I couldn't accidentally go down into it. 

I am not best pleased with this, and worried that without 1st gear I wont make some of the hills.  Although the chaps assure me that I wont really notice the difference making the hills in 2nd gear instead.  All I know is that when riding my trike I have to make even the smallest of slopes in 1st.  I haven't yet tested the bike out as it's been peeing down here for days and again today.

Is this a design fault?  I haven't a clue.  I do know that with all the customer reviews regarding this bike that I read on Amazon, no one mentioned not being able to use 1st gear.  Apart from this the bike shop chaps reckon it's a great little bike and they were well impressed with it for the money that it cost.

I came home and wrote to explaining about the 1st gear.  I am not expecting an answer from them until Monday or maybe Tuesday.  This is if they have a good customer service.  Here in the UK customer service seems to have gone by the wind so I'm not holding my breath that I will get a reply directly.  But who knows, they might surprise me.

I have initially asked bicycles4u for advice that I can pass on to my bike shop to fix the problem.  I honestly do not want to spend the effort sending the bike back for a replacement.  If I have to send it back for instance, will I have to pay for the postage?  Will I have to make arrangements for the parcel to be picked up?  And so on. 

Personally I think they should do one of two things.  Either offer me a massive reduction on the price, or send me a new bike and include paid returns labels with a phone number for me to ring for the parcel to be picked up and returned to them.

I shall now wait and see what bicycles4u have to say.

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  1. Ah Sandy, sure sorry to learn your having troubles with the bike. Guess I should have read this post first. Sure hope it all works out for you!


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