Saturday, 7 July 2012

Interviewing Me

Ok, I am bored with not being able to get out on my bike this week, so for fun I have interviewed myself.

Q: How many days have you cycled this week?

A:  Absolutely none because the weather has been nothing but torrential rain and winds.

Q:  Have you missed getting out on the bike?

A:  Most definitely!  I am longing to wake up and find a dry, sunny day outside so that I can get on the bike and disappear somewhere pleasant for a few hours.

Q:  Have you planned a special bike ride?

A:  Yes!  On the first decent day I want to ride down to Mudeford, catch the ferry across to Hengistbury Head and from there cycle into Bournemouth.

Q:  Has anything specifically annoyed you this week about the cycle routes in your area.

A:  Yes!  I discovered today that although on the Bournemouth website they give detailed maps of long cycling routes and they quote that the whole of the promenade from Hengistbury Head into Bournemouth is part of said cycling route, they then say it's closed to cyclists during July and August.  They quote that although there is no cycling along the seafront in those months, one can use the road.  How kind of them!  Why can't they section off half of the promenade for cycling all year around?

Q:   Have you tried to encourage someone else this week to start cycling?

A:  Yes my Daughter.  The excuse not to start cycling has been "I have bad knees" and "It's too dangerous"

Q:  What have you done to fill the void of not being able to get on your bike this week?

A:  I have spent more time on Youtube watching many videos of Dutch Cycling and envying them.  I have also read many cycling bloggers older posts and following their links hither and thither.

Q:  What frustrates you the most about cycling in the UK?

A:  The lack of thought, energy and money that goes into a cycling infrastructure and the lack of caring for pedestrian and cycling safety.  Along with the money that is spent on cycling being wasted on a few painted white lines and the odd cycle sign instead of real planning.

Q:  Can you name 3 things that you think are the most important to make cycling not only safer but get new cyclists out of their cars and peddling.

A:  Only 3?
Dutch style design for roundabouts and main junctions.
Segregated cycling on fast main roads.
All roadside cycle lanes to have solid white lines and law enforcement to stop motorists parking and driving in said lanes.

Q:  If you could tell your local council one thing, what would it be?

A:  To employ someone that actually knows how to design a real cycling infrastructure that would in fact saves lives and gets people on their bikes.

Q:  If you could force motorists to do one thing what would it be?

A:  I would force them to do 100 hours cycling after first reading the part of the highway code that is relevant to cyclists which I am sure no motorist has ever read.


  1. I like your ideas on infrastructure and it sounds as if you experience the same frustrations Over there as we have here in Australia with cycle lanes or lack of

  2. It is slowly getting better. At least now they have acknowledged that cycles are an important mode of transport. They just don't seem to have a clue, and want to only spend piddly amounts of money, on going about encouraging more to cycle.

    Speak to anyone that hasn't been on a cycle for years and they will automatically say, it's not safe. Therefore they need to spend "Vast" amounts to get people on bikes before they can reap the benefits of at healthier population.


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