Monday, 17 September 2012

My First Cycle Out After My Heart Attack

I'd promised my Daughter that I would only go out on the trike if my eldest Granddaughter came with me.  Which she did.

Our Aimee loves cycling anyway, and she wasn't at work today, so she didn't mind in the least keeping me company for my first post heart attack ride.

I planned for a 30 minute run out at the most, taking it steady and avoiding any steep hills.  We took a mostly off road route through country lanes, into, and around, our local Woodlands Burial Ground.

The Burial Ground has a lovely atmosphere, with plenty of open space, tracks for walking and cycling, along with a large pond in the centre.

It was sheer joy being on the trike again.  I could have ridden for many more miles.  I certainly had the energy and strength.  But sadly Aimee had a hair appointment that we needed to get back for.

I suppose for my first time out after the attack and the surgery 40 minutes were enough, although I can honestly say that the ride didn't tire me one whit.

Hoping to get out again for another ride tomorrow.


  1. So glad your first trip out was such a joy!

  2. That's great to hear. Hope the weather holds out for you.
    Best wishes Brenda in the Boro

  3. Best wishes for your recovery, I'm glad you're out and about already!

  4. Thank you all for popping in and for your best wishes.

  5. Good for you. That's a lovely place to visit. My nan's buried there, and I am sure she would have appreciated you visiting her resting place by bike, rather than disturbing the peace with a car.

    1. It certainly is a lovely place and totally unlike any other. Unless someone had visited it I don't think they could fully understand how pleasant it is just to go for a stroll around.

  6. Oh my sweet heart, my love goes out to you dearly, my mother as well recently had a heart attack as well as surgery. I am so sorry love but, I am so happy you're on the mend and out their biking and it's good you have someone with you when you go.

    My mom's life has been saved many times because of my fathers presence therefore I hate for my mom to be alone.

    Please take good care of yourself my friend!


    1. Thank you so much for your wishes, and I most certainly wish the same for your Mum.

      I am certainly very lucky in those I have around me to care and look after me.

  7. Dood for you! I was very seriously ill recently. I was discharged from hospital one month ago and have not been able to some ride yet.

    On another point, my Mum (age 64) has never ridden or driven .She has some orthapaedic problems in her feet that make walking very painful. I've been trying to encourage her to try a trike but she refuses point blank. Any tips that mey help me gently persuade her?

    1. Sorry to hear you haven't been well. I hope you get well soon.

      Funnily enough it was arthritis in one of my feet and in both hips that got me riding a tricycle.

      I had always been a walker and became so miserable not being able to walk the distances I used to alone with beginning to feel old with it.

      I had never ridden a bike as a child and didn't think I would be comfortable riding a 2 wheeler. I spotted my first trike in the local bike shop window when out shopping one day and thought I just have to have that. This one I have now is my 2nd trike.

      Yes, one feels a bit of a fool when first going out on one, but the amount of people that stop and admire it is amazing. I had never seen a trike before and I was certainly the only person with one in my area. Over the last couple of years I now know of 3 others that own trikes.

      If your Mum is nervous about riding on the road, then she could do as I do. Where there is no cycle infrastructure on quiet roads I ride on the road but on fast roads if I feel unsafe then I ride on the pavement. She can pick and choose where to ride where she feels more comfortable.

      My trike is my personal transport and I love it. I certainly wouldn't be without mine now.


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