Monday, 1 April 2013

Day 1 of 30daysofbiking

Today unfortunately, was literally just a case of getting my backside on a saddle simply because I didn't want to let myself down and not ride on the first day.  Being as it has been Easter Monday, arrangements had been made to be with the family.
So there I was at 6am this morning, cycling up to the top of the road to the seafront car park (obviously empty at that time in the morning and being it has been a freezing cold day) on Freda the folding bike, to do a few circuits around, after all I am still trying to learn to ride her.

I came back almost in tears for two reasons.  1) The wind was so bitter it was biting my face off and I just couldn't stop my eyes and nose running, and 2) I was so frustrated with myself because I simply can't get on with riding a two wheeler.   I barely have any balance and it hurts like billio to put my arthritic foot down on the ground when I stop.

It's no good, I am going to have to quit trying to not only learn to ride a two wheeler safely and comfortably, but also actually enjoy riding one.  I really can't see myself finding riding a two wheeler anything but a chore.

Freda unfortunately has been consigned to the bike shed for an indefinite period.

At least in this biter cold I did manage to get on a bike and pedal for a while so I have made sure I started 30daysofcycling off right.

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  1. At least you were out there... Ride what you enjoy the most, not what you think you should be riding. You'll ride more that way...

    Be Safe and Be Green.


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