Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Day 2 of 30daysofbiking

Today I set off for our local co-op store to get a few bits.  It's only a mile round trip but I mostly take the trike anyway because it means I can carry more back than without it.

You know what it's like once one gets in a shop when one has only popped in for a loaf of bread or a pint of milk.  I always seem to end up needing at least 3 carrier bags full of groceries so knowing the trike is outside I don't need to worry about buying too much to carry home.

A co-op employee was cleaning up around the bike racks as I came out of the shop and loaded up.  As I was taking the photo on the left he started chatting about my trike.  He mentioned he would love to get his elderly Mother out on one of those, and just might suggest it to her.  Yet another convert to biking I hope.

Although the co-op is a little more expensive than Sainsburys where I would really like to shop, the co-op as you can see do have a few bike stands behind the shop, whereas Sainsburys do not have any even though it's a very large Sainsburys store.  Our co-op backs into the local council car park which does cater for cyclists.  Therefore I always shop at co-op when on the trike.

So today I came home and made a call to our local Sainsburys.  The short story is that they expect cyclists to chain their bikes to the rails surrounding the trolley area (next time I am biking past Sainsburys I will take a photo and add to this post).  On explaining that there is hardly any room and very inconvenient to get a trike, child carrier, cargo bike or trailer through there with comfort and that they will have to do something in the near future to keep up with people getting out of their cars and onto bikes, (never thought to mention that bicyclists also don't like parking their bikes way out of sight and a long way from a store entrance anyway), I was told that all Sainsburys will be soon fitted with cycle racks.

Unfortunately they will be the upright wall racks.  So I then confirmed that it will be a case of Sainsburys only catering for the young, fit and healthy that ride 2 wheelers and have the strength to lift a bike onto a wall rack and that the disabled, people with children and those that choose to shop with a cargo bike will still be unable to shop in Sainsburys even after cycle provisions are installed.

The funny thing is a few years ago our branch of Sainsburys did have cycle racks where they have now accommodated the trolleys, but for some reason they saw fit to remove them.  That was of course when I stopped shopping at Sainsburys when on the trike.

Sainsburys!  A company that only caters for motorists and not people.  Me thinks they need to take a look see how things are done in The Netherlands.

Everything is always a compromise in this country when wanting or needing to ride anything other than a 2 wheeled cycle.  Parking, getting through barriers, cyclists dismount signs (pushing a trike is no picnic),  etc. etc., this country really is a joke when it comes to catering for bicycling as a mode of transport and for everyday use.

But I did very much enjoy my short shopping trip as I always do, even though once again it has been a bitterly cold day.


  1. It's a shame isn't it when they are trying to encourage people to get out on there bikes more but, there's no bike racks anywhere to be used.

    They really need to make up there minds!!

    I always make a stop at this one store to pick up the odd things and was always locking up my bike to these pipes but,because the store was putting in a propane line they ever so kindly put in a bike rack for me which was so awesome of them now they really have me sold and my full support in customer service. =0)

    One out of god knows how many, wish all small stores had a heart like they did. =0(

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