Date of Birth:
1st Novemeber 1948

Creation Date of this Blog:
8th July 2010

Having now become a pensioner and of not having had any real experience of cycling throughout my life I thought I would blog about how I get on with taking to the roads in these my winter years.

I have the added disadvantage of not even being a driver, having always relied on shank's pony, public transport and family lifts.  I have however, all my life longed to be the proud owner of a cycle, and actually use it.

I know absolutely nothing about bikes or how to fix anything that might break or fall off, and I have no intention of learning.  For a start I live in a very small flat and have nowhere to repair a bike and I also have a bike shop about 3 minutes walk from my home who do my yearly services,  clean, grease and whatever else they do all for a very fair price.   That and the fact that it's easy for me to get down on the ground to attempt to fix something, but too painful to stay down there, and much harder to stand up again.

I was once shown how to repair a puncture with 2 desert spoons, a bowl of water and some sticky plaster things, but I have totally forgotten how to now, and it's not something I want to re-learn.

If I travel too far away from home or my bike shop I do carry the basic bike tools with me (which I don't know how to use), and a pump (which I do know how to use).  If I ever did get a puncture or something fell off, I'm sure that I could look helpless enough without too much trouble for a man to come running to my rescue.  All men do know how to fix bike problems don't they?

 Now to get out on the road and start pedaling.